Office Suite


Box Hill’s most dynamic multi-functional office suites.


Trio provides a new-concept business opportunity in Box Hill – the world-class office suites . There are 49 customisable office suites located on upper ground level and level 1 of the Trio podium. Simple, stylish and modern with convenient office facilities to provide small enterprises or professionals a comfortable and
efficient working space. The studio office rooms can be used for self or investment lease to create more value and possibilities for the owner.

A diverse precinct with unmatched levels of comfort and convenience.

Trio Childcare is designed with the unmatched convenience for 459 Trio families, to alleviate stress from the parents that struggle to find a great day care, to create a harmonious environment for all families. It aims to provide high-quality education and considerate services, advocating experiential learning, delivering love and care, and accompanying every child’s growth.


Crafted by well-known designers who specialise in practical designs with an artistic flair to meet the customisation needs of different companies

Building amenities

Access to Trio facilities such as the Trio swimming pool, the gym, the podium garden

Office communal facilities

The multi-functional offices are located on the upper ground and the first floor, which are connected to the Whitehorse Sqaure, Trio supermarket and retail shops. Multiple entrances are directly accessible. Let’s enjoy one-stop food, shopping, leisure and convenient service experience here in Trio.

Car park

Double-storey dedicated carpark provides 200+ commercial parking spaces for office staffs and business activities

Providing custom-design

The developer can provide various interior design and decoration
solutions, truly provide private customised services for your specialised needs on office suites.

Exclusive lifts accessibility

Equipped with lifts for business purposes to ensure convenience and quick access into the building


Located in the core area of the Box Hill Business District, short stroll to Box Hill Central and to the train station; you can also enjoy all kinds of retail and catering in the Trio podium, providing a onestop convenient working and living experience